Blue Canvas
Produced by Kevin Rose & Jan Spillane
Temporary photo by Jon Erickson Photography until album cover is completed. Blue Canvas features Jan Spillane on vocals, piano, and acoustic guitar along with Ricardo Ochoa on violin, Phil McDonald on upright/electric bass, Andy Martin on bass trombone, Stan Martin on muted trumpet, John Banks on electric guitar, Jack Sherman on electric guitar, Ben Wells on electric guitar, J. Fred Knobloch on acoustic guitar, Jelly Roll Johnson on harmonica, Matt Collett on percussion, Kevin Rose on electric guitar and percussion, Joe Nelson on mandolin, Phillip Palmer on electric bass and more songs to follow.
Released October 2014

Track List
01: That's not Love
02: Come Spring
03: Lost in the Moment
04: Fall off the Page
05: Best part of Me
06: Sitting here with these Blues
07: Nothin' makes much Sense
08: Once
09: Recipe for Love

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